Global Entrepreneurship Week along the Entrepreneurs’Gala Evening

Prague – November 15, 2016

As the Global Entrepreneurship Week started in Prague yesterday, the Czech Republic Entrepreneurs’ Gala Evening was held at one of the Prague’s historical venues this evening.

Emporio Media’s Chairman  attended the event, alongside fellow local and international entrepreneurs.

On the occassion of opening this year’s Entrepreneurs’ Gala Evening, The Excellencies – President of the Czech Republic, Minister of Finance of the Czech Republic & Minister of Industry & Trade – delivered their speeches and addressed the event’s honorable guests.

The three Esteemed Excellencies elaborated on the economic growth of the Czech Republic and the country’s importance in the CEE region, as well as healthy economic forecasts for the upcoming year.

The Esteemed Excellencies received multiple standing ovations.

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Social Responsibility

EMPORIO MEDIA tasked with a Honorable Project Initiative


Larnaca, November 7, 2016 –

Today, the Executive Board of Emporio Media’s parent company – the Group – held its planned General Assembly meeting in Larnaca, Cyprus.

The Group’s Chairman of the Executive Board addressed the Executive Board members with a welcoming message, thanked the Group’s international affiliates, arms, think tanks and their respective teams for their achievements and contribution during the fiscal year ended September 30, 2016.

Afterwards, the Group’s Chairman of the Executive Board briefed the Executive Board members on the fiscal year’s financial results and presented financial forecasts, plans and targets for the recently started new fiscal year. The Group’s Chairman of the Executive Board stressed the importance of the BRICS markets as well as other geopolitical connotations.

Subsequently, the Group’s Chairman of the Executive Board outlined the key strategic goals for each affiliate, arm or think tank of the Group. One of the common tasks that will be led by the Group’s consultancy arm – EMPORIO MEDIA Invenio – is expanding the Social Responsibility Initiatives. These will include various projects in the fields of Humanity and Philantropy. In particular, a new Foundation will be established. The Foundation will broadly support programmes for underprivileged youth, including those from the war-torn areas, as well as protecting and preserving endangered animals – elephants and pandas.

Speaking from Prague, Czech Republic, Emporio Media & Project’s Chairman gratefully welcomed the initiative and said that he would make it one of his main priorities. the Chairman thanked the Group’s Chairman of the Executive Board for becoming the entrusted assigned Project’s lead. The Chairman also informed the Group’s Chairman of the Executive Board that he had already personally initiated similar activities and, that he had already drafted a Plan of Action. This was greatly appreciated by the Group’s Chairman of the Executive Board and the entire Executive Board.

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